Enigma Project released

Recently I have been working on a larger update for the Enigma program and the Enigma Builder – finally it is ready for release :-)

Enigma is a small Java program to execute a real world puzzle game. The users will be presented with some leads and based on those leads, they must find a code,

Click here for the English page or click here for the Danish page.

Hello world!

Tried fiddeling with WordPress and think I got it up and running now :)

Installed SyntaxHighLighter Evolved and SyntaxHighlighter TinyMCE Button – seems to work nicely, but wasn’t quite satisfied with the presentation. Couldn’t find a nice and clean way to do it, so I changed the style sheet for SyntaxHighlighter Evolved and made it look like I wanted :)

Just an example of what it looks like now:

for(int i = 0 ; i < 100 ; i++)
	System.out.println("Hello " + i);

Still need to find a smart way to add tabs to code – I need to shift to HTML view to do it which is quite unhandy.